One Man’s Method To Out-Sell His Coworkers Left EVERYBODY Disgusted! GROSS!!

“Thinking outside of the box” can sometimes be a great way to get ahead in life. When you find a loophole that no one else did, or discovered an easier way to do something better, your life can just get easier. When it comes to sales and marketing, this “outside of the box” thinking can make you or break you. As these salesmen quickly found out, there is a fine line between being “creative” and being plain EVIL!!


Sure, this guy is clever. Yes, he sold the toothbrushes. No, he didn’t really break any laws (aside from describing dirt as “dip”). Maybe he just wasn’t that great at selling toothbrushes on his own…but he sure was good for creating the demand for them! However, this guy forgot about one important thing…brand recognition. Yes, these customers bought toothbrushes from him once, but they will certainly NEVER buy them from him again!

You can get creative when you need to get the job done…just be sure that you’re doing it in a way that won’t have people spitting dirt onto the ground! Oh my! It really is about how you use the skills that you have, not necessarily what your using them for.

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