One Man Listened To The Cubs Game In The Cemetery For A Heartwarming Reason

108 years is a long time to wait for something, but Wayne Williams wasn’t about to leave his late father alone when the historic game came around. For over a century, Chicago Cubs fans have kept their hope bottled up, just waiting for the game that would finally lead their team to victory. It meant a lot to fans…and for some, it meant even more.

Williams made the long drive from North Carolina to Indiana to keep a promise that he made to his father decades before he died.

I told my boys that I had made a pact with my dad that when the Cubs – not if – when the Cubs got into the World Series, we’d make sure we listened to the game together.” He said about his long trip.

He set up his chair in the military section of the cemetery in front of his father’s grave. His Navy veteran father passed away in 1980, but the man had been a loyal Cubs fan for as long as anyone could remember.

The pair had a large ‘W’ flag that they were meant to fly when their team won, but Williams hung it over the back of his chair and let it fly in the wind during the entire game.

He isn’t sure whether or not his dad was enjoying the game with him, “there’s no way to be sure, is there?” but he spent the time as he promised, and enjoyed the game with dad.


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