One Man Bought A Coffee For A Hard Working Guy At The Corner…One Day, He Finds Out The Guy Had Done THIS!

When you happen to have the same routine every morning, you might find yourself running into the same people everyday. The same cheerful barista will be behind the counter when you pick up your morning coffee, the same homeless man might be begging for change on the same corner, and in this man’s case, the same guy is selling newspapers outside of the library – all day, every day. After a while, you might feel friendly towards these people, and in a lot of cases you might notice if they are absent for a day or two. The man in this story had befriended one of the people he saw every morning…and one day, got an unexpected surprise!


…it had made him happy that I’d had a nice surprise and it was his way of showing his appreciation for the coffees and the chats.”


This is an example of what it means to make a difference in someone’s life. For the man going to work every day, Daniel was just the guy on the street corner who sold magazines. To Daniel, Joe was a person who genuinely cared about him and made each day bearable – even though the cold, rain, and unpredictable weather. He knew he had a friend, and he showed him that he cared in the only way that he knew how!

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