One Look At This Kitty’s Face Had People Saying She Shouldn’t Have Lived. THIS Couple Disagrees!

When a stray cat wandered onto their doorstep, one couple with kind hearts let her in…but little did they know, she was pregnant! They weren’t exactly prepared for the surprise of suddenly caring for kittens, but they were up to the challenge. The mama cat gave birth to 4 kittens…but one of them was quite a bit different from the rest.

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The youngest kitten, Peanut (P for short), was less than half the size of her brothers and was unable to nurse from her mama. So, they took the kittens to the vet to see what could be done. While the newborn kittens were relatively healthy, little P didn’t even register on the scale. She weighed so little, that they had no idea how many ounces she actually weighed. No one was sure if she would survive, but her new human parents were determined to give her a fighting chance.They bottle fed her until she was big enough to eat wet food. As she grew, they watched her become curious and brave! She’d been born without an eye, she was missing part of her nose, and she had one large tooth that often got in the way…but she didn’t let any of it hold her back!As she and her siblings grew, they became closer than ever! During the ordeal, other people just didn’t understand why they tried so hard for P to survive…but now, they are glad they didn’t listen!

The family kept all of the cats and now couldn’t imagine their family without them!

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