One Indian Restaurant In Canada Offers FREE Meals To Customers Who Can’t Pay! He Calls Them “Meal Boxes!”

Indian Fusion: The Curry House is owned by Chef Parkash Chhibber, a remarkable man with a unique take on handling the hungry and homeless who come knocking at his door.


For years, he has served anyone who asked for food and wasn’t able to pay for it, but in the past 6 months, he and his family have decided to try something new.¬†4.25a2They made a sign and put it on the service entrance to make things a little easier on everyone. Hungry people are able to choose a vegetarian or non-vegetarian meal with a choice of drink to go alongside it. He doesn’t want anyone to have to dig through the garbage for a meal when he is still able to help them.
4.25a1 Restaurants always end up throwing food out at the end of the day or week, and seeing all of that food go to waste is impossible for some people. Each day, the family and staff listen for the bell to ring on the back door. They prepare the meal immediately for the hungry person. Some days they may see 10 people at their back door, and some days they will see none.

Every time we hear a knock, we say in the kitchen, ‘prepare food, God is hungry.'”

His family believes that everyone is equal in life, and just because someone doesn’t have the money to pay for a meal, it does not make them worth any less than others. No one should go hungry when there is extra food to go around, and he is doing his part to help out, one meal at a time!

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