One Grandmother Took To Social Media To SHAME This Thoughtless Principal…And Her Victory Is TOO SWEET!

The principal of a school should be respected. They should strive to come up with diplomatic and fair solutions to problems, just punishments when they are needed, and above all, they need to teach children how to act when they are in a school setting. They should have earned the trust of the parents and the respect of the parents. Their actions shouldn’t have to be questioned – they should just make good decisions. So when a parent feels the need to step in because of the bad judgment of a principal…you know that something is very wrong.


This post went VIRAL nearly overnight. Separating a 5-year-old from his friends with an embarrassing cardboard partition is ridiculous. All because he was a few minutes late to school, as if he drove himself or caused himself to be late. He was being punished for the actions of his parents. Predictably, the internet banded together and flooded the school with emails and phone calls until the principal realized the error of her ways and stopped using the cardboard as a punishment.

What’s more? The local community donated a van to the family who didn’t have a reliable vehicle!


I love it when a story has a happy ending! They didn’t know how to fight back when they realized their son had been shamed half a dozen times just for being dropped off late at school. While the school administration doesn’t always choose the correct ways to discipline children when they do something wrong, isolating a child for being dropped off late was definitely a bad call. What would you have done, if you discovered this happening to your child?

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