One Generous Table CHANGED A Server’s Life! I Can’t Believe Some People Wouldn’t Agree With This!

Many people treat their servers rather poorly. Hundreds of thousands of stories circulate everyday about how rude a customer was, or how a customer didn’t tip because of the kitchen’s mistake…the list goes on and on. Sure, there are bad servers out there – the ones who bring “life” into work with them. Focusing on the bills they have to pay, a fight that they had at home, or an argument before their shift makes their attitude less than accommodating. But the servers who are able to overcome their lives outside of work deserve more respect than they usually get.

That’s why this story is special. At the end of the meal, the server gave this note to his table because they had just done something amazing…

My brother in law offered his waiter a job at his company.


Thank you so much again truly Mr & Mrs ___! It is always a joy & honor to serve you! I will not let you down! I look forward to working for you & your great company! Please no tip…you change my life! 🙂

PS: See you soon boss!”

The job was in sales as a car salesman! His attitude was so incredible that this business owner couldn’t say no to someone who made a huge impact…over the course of one lunch! In roughly 10 minutes of interacting with the server, he knew that he HAD to have this guy on his staff!

The job? Great money, benefits, and opportunities to climb to the top. What a day! It never hurts to be kind to strangers…and sometimes, the payout can be huge!

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