One Day, You May Be Eating “Super Meat,” A Meat That Was Grown In A Lab And Was NEVER An Animal.

It started when a group of researchers began experimenting on how to grow chicken meat in a lab instead of on a farm. It sounds insane, like something out of a science fiction novel, but surprisingly, it’s working. And it may sound gross to those of us who buy our meat at the market, but so is, they argue, killing an animal for it’s tissues.

The Israeli-based “Super Meat” plans to completely remove animals from the menus of people around the globe without actually changing anything about the meals themselves. It’s still meat, it still tastes like meat, and it still looks and smells like meat…and technically, it is meat. It just isn’t procured in the way that we are used to. And with it, they plan to battle world hunger.

The lab takes samples of animal cells and grow them in a “soup” of nutrients. The cells multiply, eventually forming tissue that grows into actual meat in an environment that perfectly mimics how an animal would grow and develop. This process, they claim, would be cheaper and easier on the environment because it produces no animal waste and doesn’t require animals to be slaughtered (and it would be a lot cheaper).7.19a9

The project will require $2.5 million to get up off of the ground, but for now, they are trying to start a short-term project to help them reach that larger goal. What do you think about this idea? Scientists are creative and a little intense, but the award-winning idea just might hit the shelves sooner than you think! They think that its “super ground-breaking world-changing awesome!”

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