One Brave Little Girl Climbed A 40-Foot Cliff To SAVE Her Mother And Infant Brother From A Horrific Car Wreck! Her Story Is Unbelievable!

In the middle of summer, a little girl named Lexi was in the car with her mother and 10-week-old brother, Peter. They were on the way home from swim practice when her mother fell asleep at the wheel, exhausted. The car careened over a cliff and landed 40 feet below. Lexi saw that her mother was unconscious and that her baby brother was screaming, but she was unharmed.

She unsnapped her 5-strap harness and climbed out of the car. She was only 5 years old, but she knew that she needed to get help. She began to climb up the hill, and when she got to the top, she was able to flag down a car.

When paramedics arrived, Lexi was put in straps, but was later deemed unharmed aside from a few scratches.4.7a12

Luckily, the car belonged to an off-duty EMT who knew that Angela, the girl’s mother, shouldn’t be moved. She required CPR, and the process broke more bones. She has since recovered first to a wheelchair, and then slowly regained the ability to walk. She was unable to hold her infant son during recovery, but the fact that he made it out alive was worth the sacrifice!


Little Peter suffered swelling in his brain and underwent surgery, but recovered perfectly and without complications!4.7a14

Thanks to her bravery, Lexi’s family have recovered from the traumatic event, and no one was lost on that terrible day.4.7a15

This little girl learned how to be brave from seeing her parents tackling important tasks. Events like this are never planned. Be sure to teach your children what they should do in an emergency. In this family’s case, it saved their lives!

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