One Act Of Kindness Saved A Life And Set Off An Incredible Chain Reaction

Every morning, Glen Oliver had the same habit: paying for the car behind him. One morning, his simple action saved a life.

On July 18th, he did what he always did and drove through the line at Tim Hortons, paying for the order behind him before driving off to go about his day. Weeks later, an anonymous letter made its way to the local news station revealing the shocking truth about that fateful day.The anonymous person admitted that they had decided it would be their last day. They drove through the line to pick up a coffee and a muffin…but when they got to the window to pay, were shocked at what the teller said.

The nice man already paid for it and he said to have a great day,” she said before giving them their free order.

They drove back home, stunned. Why would a stranger do something nice for them, and on this day of all days? They decided to return the favor, helping one of their neighbors take in the groceries…and never stopped.

Since that day, they have gone out of their way to make someone else’s day a little better. They wrote the letter so that the man would know that his kindness saved a life that day, and as a result, spread kindness throughout the community. All for the price of a coffee and a muffin.

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