On The Last Day Of His Life, He Let His Dog Finally Sleep With Him On The Bed…When He Found Him The Next Morning…Oh, No!

Our pets are our best friends, and my only complaint with them is that they have such short life spans. Sure, 10 – 15 years sounds like a long time, but when that time is spent with a constant companion, you miss them when they are gone. They leave a puppy-sized hole in your heart that is very hard to fill, and although I haven’t lost a cat (seeing as I’ve never had one), I would assume that they leave little kitten-sized holes, too. 🙁

This story is just too much! Have you had THIS experience before? I don’t know how this guy got on with his life after this!


Oh…little buddy! There wasn’t much that he could do to have done to prevent this heart breaking moment, but it is still haunting me! I’m just looking at my own little doggies and wondering if they would do the same thing on their last day! I wouldn’t mind if they peed on me if I knew it was their last day with the family, I really wouldn’t!

But even if this dog felt the need to hide under the bed, it was his bed, in his home, and his human was right there in the room, too! He may have died under the bed, but he died loved, and I like to think that he knew that! 🙂

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