On The 10th Day Of Pugmas My True Love Gave To Me…10 Pictures Of ADORABLE Pugs In The Holiday Spirit!

What do the holidays mean to you? Usually, spending time with family, traveling to see friends, maybe using the time off to finish special projects or maybe it’s just time to explore your city during “tourist season” just to see what it is like! People decorate their homes with twinkling lights, buy presents for people that they care about, and attend holiday parties with friends, acquaintances, and sometimes just with people from work. But one thing that EVERYONE loves the most…is dressing up your pets in adorable holiday cheer!


While pugs generally look as if they very much hate everything around them, I can’t help but look at their little frowns and their confused eyebrows and want to snuggle them forever! This pug doesn’t seem to love his stylish accessories…but he looks so cute!


He might not understand what a “present” is, but he sure is a present to his family! How did they get him to sit still for so long?! That is some serious self control, Mr. Pug!


This is obviously altered, but look how cute they are! Their matching scarves make them the perfect holiday duo!


That is one grumpy (and precious!) elf! I hope they gave him a ton of treats for his efforts!


These aging pugs don’t seem to mind their jingling holiday collars! Hey, those look pretty easy to make…I think I just found a project for the weekend!


This pup is too much! Look at those eyes! He doesn’t mind his fluffy hat, but he looks like he could use a treat!


If pugs could speak English, this one would just be saying… “no.”


Yes! This pug LOVES his outfit! He is having the BEST time in his “tree hat!” He lost a bracelet though…where’d you put it, little pug?!


YES! It’s time to play in the snow! He looks so happy! …or confused. Happy…and confused? Regardless, he’s just so much fun! I want to give him a big hug!


These pugs look worried…but stylish! Santa, an elf, and a reindeer are all ready for the holidays! Look at all of that snow, those colorful presents, and festive branches! This is a scene that could be right out of a movie!

Looking at these pictures makes me wish that my pups would let me dress them up in adorable outfits! Unfortunately, they just like to wiggle out of their sweaters and clothes and chew them up to pieces. I think I could get away with one of those adorable collars! Or maybe just a string of jingle bells to let me know what they are up to around the house!

Do you dress your pets up for the holidays?! This is just too fun!

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