On Her Third Date With The Man Of Her Dreams, She Realizes That She Has Gas…The Result?! HORRIFYING!!

Like most people, I have been on some terrible dates in the past. Some people might seem normal when you accept their invitation or ask them to grab a coffee, but when you combine two people who barely know each other with nerves, expectations, and forced conversation, hilarious things can happen in the span of an hour or two. Most people also have an “abort mission!” plan that involves having someone call to check on you roughly 30 minutes into a date. But what if you didn’t have that escape option?

If someone asked you to tell the story of your worst date, I doubt any of us could come CLOSE to this woman’s story…


Yep. That story beats 99% of our stories. No questions asked. Can you imagine going through something like that? Usually, this is the kind of scenario that you really only see in romantic comedies, and more often than anything, it’s the guy who is battling his bowels. For some reason, this is just so much more hilarious knowing that a fellow woman went through this ordeal. Now, when I go through an embarrassing experience, I can just remind myself that “hey, at least it’s not like that story!” Yikes!

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