On Her Last Day Of Chemo, Her Husband Got The Entire Town Involved To Celebrate!

Brad Bousquet had been looking forward to this day for a long time, but not more than his wife, Alissa. She had been in a long battle with breast cancer and it was finally time for the last round of chemo. It was a huge milestone in her journey, and Brad wanted to make sure that it was celebrated in the perfect way. Although there are still surgeries and tests going forward, finishing the chemotherapy was still a huge step for her to take.

He wanted to do something special, but he knew that his wife would appreciate the gesture more if it could benefit others as well. He decided to contact a local florist and work out a deal. For every person to buy a rose for Alissa, the florist would charge $10 and the additional proceeds would e put into a fund. They could then use the money to give to charity…

When the flower shop called to tell him that 500 roses had been ordered, he told them to stop collecting flowers and to simply donate the money that was pouring in! He thought they might end up with 20 or 30 roses…but 500?! Incredible! $4,500 was donated to the Susan G. Komen foundation, an organization on the quest for the cure for breast cancer. The donations were given in Alissa’s name, and it really showed how much the community truly supported her battle.  7.3a1As she sat, surrounded by hundreds of beautiful roses, she knew that she was loved. Her husband had found the perfect way to express his love, his respect, and how proud he was of his wife for being so brave in the face of something so terrifying as breast cancer. Together, they will fight her cancer, and hopefully we will all hear some good news very soon!

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