“OlympicNan” Cheers Grandson Adam Peaty To The GOLD Medal And Won The Hearts Of The Internet!

The British swimmer, Adam Peaty, had a lot of support while training to be an Olympic athlete, but no one was more supportive that his family, and no one was more proud than his grandmother, Mavis Williams. 8.8a4

At 74, she says that her grandson’s success if giving her new life, and she’s trying new things because of it. She learned how to use emojis, thanks to Twitter, and sprinkled them in every tweet! People fell in love with her adorable antics, and #OlympicNan is trending.

When her grandson set his first world record, she could barely contain her excitement, watching every step of his journey on the television and even getting her “window guy” to decorate her entire home in preparation!8.8a5

Her cheering went viral, and news stations wanted interviews with the enthusiastic “OlympicNan.”

Like any proud grandmother, she shared her grandson’s official photograph and celebrated his accomplishments. She was very nervous for him, but sometimes felt even more nervous for herself! Watching these races can be very tense, but she was ready for it!8.8a6

On the day of the finals, she sat in her living room surrounded by 8 cameras to watch her grandson do his best.

When he became the Olympic champion? She couldn’t contain her excitement! Now that the race is over, she’s just glad to be able to welcome him home and watch him as he continues his career after being an Olympic champion! That’s one proud Nan!

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