Old Timey Optical Illusion Has Thousands Scratching Their Heads

As far as anyone can trace, the image below originated in the 1880’s. Obviously, digital illusions were possible, but playing tricks on the human mind with confusing and hidden images has probably been a favorite past time for people of all ages. This particular drawing appeared in a deck of similar cards aimed at children, but adults have had a lot of fun with it as well.

The goal is simply to spot the bear’s “master,” somewhere in the sketch. Maybe it wasn’t as strange to find that a bear had a human owner back then. The terminology alone makes this vintage illusion more amusing! Take look for yourself! If you can’t spot the person, the answer is below.Were you able to find it? The face of a man can be seen looking down – the fur arranged to even include his eyebrows and mustache! I couldn’t spot him until it was circled, but maybe you had better luck!Do you like these illusions? If you do, you’re among the hundreds of thousands who adore them! They make great artwork for an office or study, but this one is just too cool!

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