Officers Tricked By This Car Carved Out Of Snow…And Issue A Ticket For Parking Illegally!

An artist in Canada decided to have a little bit of fun when the heavy snowfall threatened to overtake the streets. Cars are supposed to keep off of certain streets overnight during storms, and when they don’t listen, they end up with a hefty fine to pay. This ensures that the city can clear the snow without having to worry about parked cars getting in the way of the snow removal. So, when Simon Laprise realized that the amount of snow was suspiciously perfect for carving designs, he got to work.

He had hoped to play a joke on the workers who would be operating the snow plow…but he had no idea that the police would step in and get involved!
They drove up to the “car” and tried to issue a ticket. When the first officer realized that there was no license plate to be found, he called his friend for “backup” and shared his discovery!

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While they did end up leaving a ticket on the “windshield” under a stick, it was actually a thank you note instead of a fine! The officers were expecting trouble and instead found themselves getting a good laugh! The car was cleared the next day during the snow removal process, but thanks to these pictures, it will be remembered for years to come!

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