Officers From Texas Share A Moment That Reminds Them Why They Serve

When he received a phone call about two of his officers, Officer Duncan and Officer Preston, he wasn’t surprised in the least.

There are times in the police profession that we understand why we’re really excited about this job. The days and nights of high speed pursuits, foot chases, drug arrests, and arrests of someone who needs to be taken off the streets are the instances where our blood pressure soars, and we get that feeling of exhilaration. We think this is why we became officers.” The department writes.

The officer’s act of kindness had been documented by the locals in this quiet neighborhood. The officers stopped to help Robert U. with mowing his lawn and posed for a picture once they had finished.
Robert called the department the next day and let them know that a group of neighborhood kids were inspired by the officers’ actions and came over to trim the trees in his yard.

The actions went farther than they expected, and even inspired others to do the same. The story went viral throughout the city, and very soon, the story had spread across the country!

Caring for those who need a little extra help should always be rewarded – in this case, with thanks from across the entire state of Texas!

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