Officers Called Out To A Home With No Air Conditioning. What They Do Next? WOW.

In Fort Worth, Texas, the summertime temperatures can easily soar into the range of 90 to 100 degrees, making it difficult for many people to keep cool. For 95-year-old Julius Hatley, the heat was unbearable when both his central air conditioning and window unit suddenly gave out.

He tried to make the best of it, spending time on his front porch to take advantage of the odd breeze now and then, but it was too much. He continued his daily routine and even did his yard work despite not having an air conditioner…but when his air conditioning completely gave out during the night, he knew that the heat would be too much for him the next day.

He dialed 911 for help.

At dispatch, calls like this are marked as “low priority,” as police officers aren’t qualified to repair broken AC units. Hatley decided to wait for the officers on his front porch.
The officers who responded to the call couldn’t shake the image of the elderly man sitting on his porch and agreed to make a stop at their local hardware store. They went in and explained what they were looking for and why; an elderly man needed an AC unit as soon as possible and they were willing to pay for it.The workers were stunned and decided to pitch in as well – all for a complete stranger! They donated nearly $150 to the officer’s cause, and that very day, a new window unit was installed for Hatley.

The officer’s wife posted the story with the simple message: “This is what being an officer is about.”

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