Officer Stops To Check On An Elderly Robbery Victim…And Spots Something Amazing In The Living Room!

When a 93-year-old man found himself in a terrible predicament, he called the police. His home has been burglarized, and he hoped that the police would be able to help him get his life back together. After the fact, two officers wanted to help him to feel better, but they weren’t exactly sure how to help. They visited his home during a revisit to check on him and thought they were finished…until one of them spotted a piano sitting in the man’s front room. When the officer went over and sat down, he realized that he was familiar with the piece of sheet music that was already opened on the music stand: a piece by Chopin.

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The officer recognized it immediately and told the man that the exact piece had been his grandmother’s favorite before she passed. The officer sat down and played the piece nearly from memory as the man sat in his recliner and enjoyed the unexpected show.

The man was touched at their kindness and told them that his wife had passed away last Christmas Eve. He’d been a pilot during his working years, and he was grateful for the company.

The video was shared on the officers’ Facebook page where it instantly went viral. The story had been viewed nearly half a million times as it melted hearts around the globe.

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