Officer Shares Meal With Homeless Man, But Was Stopped When He Tried To Pay The Bill

Officer Avery Johnson knows that there is more to life than clocking hours and following the law. Living each day to its fullest, protecting and serving the citizens of San Antonio, and caring for others are his main goals each day, and on this particular day, his kindness was returned. He spotted a local homeless man eating alone in a restaurant and decided to eat with him. He intended to pick up the tab at the conclusion of the meal. 9-20a6The talked and chatted about the day and shared a bit about their own lives over the meal, but when it came time to pay the bill, officer Johnson was informed that the bill had already been taken care of! This picture was taken when the good news was shared, and the San Antonio police department shared the awesome story on their Facebook page where it immediately went viral.

People began commenting with their own stories about their interactions with the SAPD, and thousands more praised the actions of this officer, hoping that his story would inspire others to kindness as well.

The post spread so far that officer Johnson’s own mother saw it, commenting, “He definitely is one of a kind and I am blessed to call him son.”

Others chimed in to thank her for raising such a kind and caring individual.


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