Officer SAVES This Baby After Pulling Over Her Mother For Running Two Red Lights!

Amanda Phipps saw a car speeding, swerving, and running two red lights. She and her partner immediately pulled the car over, thinking that the driver was drunk. The car was endangering the lives of other people on the road, and the officer meant to put a stop to it. She and her partner, Mark Robinson, had no idea what they were about to encounter.

The driver, Miriam, turned out to be the mother of a two-week-old infant named Zara who had stopped breathing. Her boyfriend, Mamadou, was just as frantic as Miriam as the two raced to the hospital to try and save their daughter.

When they were pulled over, Robinson went to the window and radioed back “two-week-old baby, not breathing.” Phipps’ heart dropped. The mother of two knew that fear and immediately went into action.

The mother got into the back of the squad car with the infant, and Miriam joined her, taking the baby and acting quickly. Robinson raced them to the hospital while Phipps did some rescue breathing to try and get air into the little girl. After a few breaths, there was movement from the infant, and Phipps told Miriam, “That’s a good thing.” But admits that she was trying to convince herself more than the mother.

They radioed ahead to the hospital, and Phipps jumped out as soon as they arrived, placing the infant on the table that had been made available and letting the doctors do their jobs.7.3a23

After three days in the hospital, little Zara was released. Now, at 10 months, she is as healthy as can be. She has officer Phipps to thank for her incredible rescue!

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