Officer Runs Into Building Fire To Free Animals Trapped In Cages. Local Official Wants Him Punished!

Officer Rafael Burgos is being hailed as a hero by local media for his actions when a pet shop caught on fire.

When Route 23 Pet Center was reported to be on fire, emergency services were called to the scene, but the police were the first to arrive. The fire was already blazing when they arrived, and Officer Burgos realized that there was not a moment to lose by waiting on the firefighters. He rushed into the building, even with visible flames and smoke billowing out of the back door, to rescue anyone who was still inside. He confirmed that there were no employees inside and quickly began to free the cats, dogs, and other animals that were still locked in their cages.

A nearby veterinary clinic began to treat the animals for smoke inhalation, saying that if Officer Burgos hadn’t released them so soon, they would have died. Animals die much quicker from smoke inhalation due to their smaller lung capacity, and were grateful to be able to save so many.

Officer Burgos was rushed to the hospital to be treated for smoke inhalation, but is in recovery.

While the public and media are in love with him, a senior member of the local council wants to see him disciplined, calling his actions “foolish.”

A police officer who decides to enter a hazardous situation without proper training, without proper equipment, where no human life is at risk, isn’t a hero, he’s a fool… He deliberately placed himself in a dangerous scenario, unnecessarily placed his well-being at risk, and is NOT deserving of ‘hero’ status, but rather; disciplinary action.”

This received a lot of backlash from the public, wanting to know how the councilman would feel if it were his pets in danger of burning alive.

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