Officer Rescues Adorable Piglet From Being Hit On Busy Highway

A Trooper from Nebraska spotted something unusual while driving on the I-80 highway on day. A tiny piglet was bounding around on the median, alone and abandoned! Cars on the highway were easily traveling over 70 miles per hour, and the piglet was in serious danger of being struck and killed, or causing accidents as passing motorists were startled.

He was determined to save the piglet (diving more than once!) and eventually cornered the curious little animal and wrapped him in his jacket to keep him warm.
He posed for a few pictures with his new friend, and the piglet was taken to the Capital Humane Society for further care. The animal was treated, fed, and prepared for adoption. They named him Wilber and deemed him to be ready for adoption fairly soon! They aren’t quite sure where the piglet came from or why it was roaming alone on the highway.

The State Patrol posted the pictures of Trooper Frederick “hamming it up” with Wilber and hope that the happy little piglet will find a nice place to call ‘home’ very soon!

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