“Officer For A Day” Has Dreams Come True Thanks To This Police Department!

Cody Roark has Down syndrome, and suffers from congenital heart disease, chronic kidney disease, and heart failure. As a result, his mother isn’t sure how much longer he has to live, but she knows that he has some big dreams. One of those dreams? Becoming a police officer for the Granite Falls PD.

When the police department heard about Cody’s dream, they decided to make it a reality. Sgt. Joey Morrison granted Cody’s wish by swearing him in as an officer for the day. He took Cody on a tour of the department and the pair “hit the streets” to patrol.

Cody was quickly called upon to check out a suspicious person (thanks to J. Brown, played by Parks and Rec Director Chad Raby). When Cody found out the man had a warrant, he slapped on the cuffs and lead Mr. Brown to Sgt. Morrison’s vehicle. Shortly after that, Cody was walking the halls of Granite Falls Middle School to make sure the students and staff were safe.”

They made a huge difference in Cody’s life that day, and he’ll be able to hold onto the memories he made as he fights for his life in the months and years to come. His mother is grateful for the effort everyone put into making the day so special for her son, and his story inspired the community in amazing ways!

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