Officer Caught Buying Diapers While On Duty: The Truth Is Heartbreaking

Officer Johns was spotted making a strange purchase in the middle of his shift, and as people often do, they asked why he was allowed to take care of personal errands while being paid with taxpayer’s dollars. However, his excuse quickly broke hearts around the city as they learned that he wasn’t purchasing the diapers for himself, but for a complete stranger.

He was called out to the store to respond to a report of theft. A young woman had been shopping with an infant, purchasing groceries for her family, but when she didn’t have enough money leftover for her infant son’s diapers, she attempted to steal them. She was caught on the store’s security camera and the store wanted to press charges.

While Officer Johns was there to do a job, he couldn’t bear to see the small infant suffer as a result and purchased the diapers out of his own pocket.  He issued the mother a citation for theft after the store insisted, but knew that the safety and welfare of the child was more important. The child hadn’t asked to be placed in such a difficult situation, and thanks to this officer’s kindness, will be clean and dry for the next few days.

Regardless of what happens moving forward, this officer knows that he did what he could to help, and people were happy to see the positive story shared.

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