Officer Arrives To Investigate A Case Of Child Abuse And Goes ABOVE And Beyond By Adopting Him!

Officer Jody Thompson hadn’t been on duty when the call came in. He had been pulling into the parking lot to start his shift when he heard a disturbing call from dispatch; they needed help responding to a call for child abuse. He decided to go over right away to see if he could be of any assistance, but he wasn’t expecting his heart to break in the process.

When they arrived at the house, officers discovered that the boy had been forcibly restrained, beaten, and starved. At just 61 pounds, they discovered that he was likely only eating at school and had to be rushed to the intensive care unit for immediate treatment. During that time, Officer Thompson stayed by the boy’s side as often as possible.

Officer Thompson and his wife decided to adopt the boy, and during the adoption process, learned that the boy’s mother had given birth to a baby girl while in jail. They decided to adopt the infant as well. They picked her up when she was only 24 hours old, determined to give her the life that she deserved.John and his new little sister now live a happy, healthy life with their new family. John hasn’t taken his new chance in life for granted, either. He works hard every day to get straight A’s in school and is forever grateful to the officer who gave him a new life.

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