Of All The Spots On All The Corners, He Chose To Play Next To A Homeless Man…It Changed His Life!

Two years ago, Chris Leamy was walking through the subway when a homeless pointed at his guitar and mentioned that it would be easier to get back on her feet if she could play an instrument. He took the time to have a short conversation with her and found that people are willing to support someone who can offer something in exchange, even if it is just a few chords on a guitar.8.24a6The conversation stuck with him, and he couldn’t shake the notion. So, one day he decided to help by sitting down next to a homeless person and playing his guitar. He created a hash tag for his fans on social media to follow: #HePlaysForMe pledges to donate $20 to the¬†Bowery Mission Homeless Shelter after making $20 for the homeless person he’s playing for. When they meet that goal, he asks his followers to do the same.

It gets one homeless person through the next day, and it helps the local shelter to keep its doors open and help others in return.

Since he began, he has raised over $6,000 for the homeless.

He also met a homeless man that he knew he could help get back on his feet. He campaigned and played until Miguel, a local homeless man, made $500. Together, they used the money to get him cleaned up, find a place to live, and land a job at Dairy Queen. The donations poured in and they were able to donate 1,257 meals for the homeless with the funds

His goal was to humanize the homeless, but Sony picked up his story and decided to offer him a deal. He was signed, and has released an EP as a result. Playing for the homeless changed his life, and he isn’t about to stop his efforts until everyone has been given the chance to get back on their feet.


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