OBGYN Office Posted This Q&A For Patients With Question About Pregnancy. 100% Accurate!

Doctors have been asked countless questions over the course of their careers, but as the years pass, they have found that many questions are becoming increasingly common. In order to combat a few of these frequently asked questions, one OBGYN office decided to post the answers to their most popular questions from pregnant women and their partners. Hopefully, to make appointments shorter and to decrease wait times.The humorous answers relieve the anxiety that many new parents feel when visiting the doctor’s office for the first time. A little laughter can be good medicine, and this office knew just how to tickle their patient’s funny bones!

The sign was originally posted on a forum for pregnant women and was received with a good dose of chuckles! The sarcasm dripping off of the picture made a lot of people happy, so it’s been shared thousands of times! Who doesn’t love a good joke, right?

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