Nursing Aide Receives HUGE Surprise From Her Patient’s Family As A “Thank You”

Chris Wright was driving down the road one day in 2014 when he spotted a woman walking on the side of the road with an empty gas canister. He knew that the nearest station was over half a mile away and decided to stop and help her. He gave her a ride to the station, paid for her gas, and even gave her the cash that he had in his wallet. At the time, that $40 hadn’t seemed like much, but for the woman, it was everything.

Three years passed, and Wright’s mother was struggling with complications from Parkinson’s disease. His father hired a nursing aide to make life easier, calling to tell his son that he’d like for the two to meet – “there’s something different about her that I feel better when she’s in the house.”

They met a few days later, and during the conversations, she began to speak about a moment that changed her life; the moment a stranger bought her gas and gave her everything in his wallet. Wright instantly recognized her, TunDe Hector, as the woman who had been walking on the side of the road. They began to cry and knew that it had all been for a reason.

As time passed, TunDe cared for his mother, and when she eventually passed away, the family wanted to thank the nurse that had worked so hard to make their mother comfortable. 

They knew that TunDe wanted to go to school and started a fundraiser to make it happen. In just days, they raised over $8,000. In less than a month, it soared over $26,000.

Her good deeds were rewarded in a big way, and the family hopes that TunDe will be able to share her kindness with others as she continues to work towards her goals.

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