NOTHING Was Going To Stop Him From Getting Chores Done. He Had This To Say:

The Wessels family moved to Canada after living in South Africa, and admittedly, the weather is a little different! Cecelia Wessels knew that her husband, Theunis, had meant to do some of the yard work that had backed up over the past few weeks, but she assumed that he would wait for weather that was a bit less…terrifying.

When he got to “mow the lawn” on his to-do list, he didn’t let anything get in his way – not even a tornado! Cecelia noticed the bad weather and went to look for her husband to make sure he was okay and tell him to come back inside.

Instead, she found him doing this:When she pointed out the huge twister happening a few miles from their home, he simply had this to say:

I’m keeping an eye on it.”

He wasn’t worried at all.

In actuality, the twister was several miles from their home and was heading in a different direction, so instead of panicking, Cecelia snapped this picture and sent it to her friends and family! When they freaked out, she knew that she had to share it with the world. Her hilarious and brave husband wanted to get the lawn work done, and nothing was going to stand in his way…

Not even a huge twister!

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