Not Many People Can Spot The Images In This Circle! (HINT: There Are Five!)

You may have seen other optical illusion online, but you’re probably never seen one quite like this! It’s much harder than you expect, and since most people have difficulty making out subtle difference in the color blue, this test is extra tricky.

In the circle below, there are five images hidden within the color blue. In theory, only people with excellent eyesight and color perception can see them! Want to give it a try? Take a look at the circle and try to concentrate…scroll down for the answers!You probably noticed…

The dog first! The dog-shaped symbol is slightly darker than the base color in the circle.
Next, you may have seen the hearts! They were a few shades lighter than the circle.
But did you see…

The cat? Now they you know what to look for, scroll back up to the original image and see if you can spot all of the images!
Those subtle differences really are hard to catch…but once you know what to look for, it’s easy! Try this puzzle on your friends and find out if they have excellent eyesight or not!

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