Not A Single Person On This Bus Cared About This Polite Homeless Man – Until He Said THIS!

In theory, we all know what common courtesy is. Recognizing that someone else is having a harder time in life than you are, and going out of your way to make their day a little bit easier is something that should come naturally to us. When an elderly person is having a hard time moving around, it should be obvious that anyone near should attempt to help them along with whatever it is they are doing. When a pregnant woman needs a seat on the bus to get home, one should be made available. If someone is in a wheelchair, others should move out of their path.

These should all be done without having to ask or prompt those around you…but when people are “busy” or “in a rush,” these considerations fly right out of the window – and when everyone else is “in a rush,” too, these people have an even harder time just trying to get through their day. One man witnessed something outrageous, and his account more than makes up for the rudeness of the others around him.


The spare change collected throughout the day.


The one person who tried to make it easier for other people…was the one person who needed the most assistance. He wasn’t bitter, he wasn’t selfish, and when he was treated with less respect than he deserved, he still went out of his way to remain polite. One kind stranger went out of his way to help the man…but considering how many people were on that bus, it should have been more.

Hopefully the man was able to find work and get himself off of the street shortly after, but the truth is that we may never know what happened to him. All we can be sure of is that for one night, he was able to claim a warm bed and a nice shower, ready to face the world again the next day.

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