Nose Hair Extensions Are Exactly As Gross As You Think They Are

If you clicked on this thinking you were going to get answers, think again. All I have for you is confusing pictures of nose hair extensions and even more questions.

Beauty bloggers are always trying to one-up themselves, striving to find more clever and more unique looks, and sometimes…they do it just to do it. The answer to the question “what would happen if I put makeup on my ear” led to a confusing time of…well, this. Now, several have begun to delve into the world of hair extensions.

Well, body hair, that is.

First posted by gret_chen_chen, a woman who was curious what would happen if she put her lash extensions on her nose instead, the hilarious idea took off without much prompting.

Why? Because. It isn’t just for women. With a pair of false eyelashes, men can also enjoy the luscious look in seconds. (Yes, I visibly cringed while writing the word ‘luscious’, but there’s no turning back now.)

There you have it. This is the creepiest “beauty hack” of 2017. I can’t. I just can’t. I’m done. I’m going to bed. Someone wake me up in 2018.

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