Norway Wants To Give Finland A Mountain Peak As A Birthday Present

On December 6, 2017, Finland will be celebrating a very special accomplishment: 100 years as a free country! In honor of the momentous occasion, the people of Norway, a neighboring country, really wanted to do something special.

Retired Norwegian geophycist Bjørn Geirr Harsson proposed that to honor Finland’s 100th birthday, that Norway should move their country’s border by 100 feet. While part of the mountain was in Finland, the peak was technically in Norway. If the gift is agreed on, this will essentially give Finland a new mountain – and a new highest point in the country!

All over the world you find countries that fight or make war to enlarge their countries, but in this case Norway is willing to give away a small part without anyone asking for anything return,” Bjørn added. “It is a gift from the heart of the Norwegians to Finland so we don’t expect anything back; we just want to give them something really nice when they celebrate 100 years as a free nation.”

While the people are getting very excited at the idea of gifting a mountain as a birthday present, many politicians are unnerved by the legal red tape.

Article 1 of the kingdom’s constitution states that Norway is “indivisible and inalienable.”

But the citizens want it now more than ever due to increasing global tensions. ‘Birthday Mountain’ would be a historic gesture of international friendship, and the people are hoping that the Prime Minister will see it that way, too.

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