No Vase? No Problem! Display Succulents And Flowers With This STUNNING Idea. First, Grab Empty Cans…

Over time, matching vases get cracked, shattered, and lost. Replacing them can be costly, and after a while, you end up with a mis-matched array that just won’t do. Thankfully, the world of DIYers has the perfect solution, and you can do it in a single afternoon! Grab a few empty cans (vegetable cans, bean cans, baby milk cans…really, any can will work!) and clean them off. Grab all of your mis-matched vases while you’re at it because this super simple idea will instantly bring all of your home decor pieces together!9-14a7After placing the cans upright on a large area of paper, lightly dust paint onto the surfaces from a good distance. If you try and paint them thickly all at once, the paint can drip and clump in a way that is justĀ notĀ pretty! Be patient and layer the paint until it’s perfect!9-14a8 In the end, you’ll have a matching set of rustic vases to display your plants and flowers. If you’ve used this method to paint other vases as well, the overall “sameness” of the paint will tie each design together. If the containers didn’t match before, they certainly do now!9-14a9Transforming things from useless to beautiful is easy if you use your creativity! These cans would have just ended up in the garbage, but thanks to one easy idea, they can now be proudly displayed in a quirky, adorable way! See more details about this project here.


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