No, This Isn’t Photoshopped. Yes, Blue Wine Is A Real Thing!

Six young visionaries decided to shake up the wine industry in a country where fine wine is deeply rooted in tradition – Spain. They realized that people in their age range (25 to 34) weren’t appreciating expensive wines and were instead turning to beers, liquors, and cocktails after the workday was through.

None of us liked traditional wine, so we decided to start a little revolution by creating Gik, a sweet, easy to drink blue wine. We are no winemakers and we don’t even have family links to the industry.” Aritz Lopez, a co-founder of Gik, said about the wine’s origins.

8.3a11The decided on the blue color comes from a pigment in the red grapes’ skin and indigotine derived from plants, and chose it after being inspired by a passage from the book Blue Ocean Strategy:

…there are two kinds of oceans: the red ones, full of sharks fighting against each other for a few fishes and turning the ocean red because of the blood. The blue oceans; oceans where, thanks to creativity and innovation, everyone could be free.’ It sounded like poetry to us, so it could not be any other color.” Lopez said.

They worked with the University of Basque Country for two years, using the laboratory and a team of chemical engineers to come up with the perfect composition.

The wine has a sweet taste and is 11.5% alcohol per volume. They say it pairs best with sushi, nachos, guacamole, or pasta carbonara…with nice music from James Blake of Alt J in the background.

Would you try this wine? It sells for £8 a bottle in the UK!

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