No, This Isn’t A Roller-Coaster…It’s A Terrifying Bridge!

The Eshima Ohashi bridge is known for being absolutely terrifying. It is extremely tall, and it was built with the intent of letting large boats pass directly beneath it. All I know is that traffic jams must be the absolute worst, and I would never want to be caught in one while driving a manual car! But this picture is deceiving, and the truth (while still unnerving) has made this bridge very famous!

Engineers built this bridge to link two cities, Matsue and Sakaiminato. The only problem? The large expanse of sea between them. Boats still needed to be able to travel freely, and there wasn’t a way to create a bridge that would lift or open up to let them pass underneath. The solution was to create a bridge tall enough, but that would also conform to the landscape around it. When pictures are taken from a head-on angle, the bridge looks like a nightmare!  But when you see it from an angle, it becomes clear that the road is easily traversed and very safe. The bridge is actually a mile long. The incline is steady to allow travelers to cross without strain on their cars, and the descent is broken up by “waves” toward the end.

It may be daunting to drive up for the first time, but I will bet that the view from the very top is absolutely breathtaking! …Although, these pictures will do fine for now. This bridge is a little too scary for me!

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