No One Would Give Him A Chance, But Mom Knew Just What To Say When He Had Given Up

Keya Thompson knew that her son was trying his hardest to find a job, but after an entire year went by, he began to think that he was the problem. He graduated a year ago and decided that his next step in life would be to find a good, reliable job. Charles began submitting his applications anywhere and everywhere, hoping for a call that would offer him a job. The call never came.

Mamma, is it because I’m special?” He finally asked his mother, Keya.

Her heart broke, but she told him something that would change his life for the better:

No, you just have to push even harder.” She motivated him to apply for even more positions.

Finally, he received a call from their local Whataburger, a fast food restaurant willing to give him a chance. 

He posed outside of his new job, excited to get started and learn everything that he could.

“I’m not going to give it 100%. I’m going to give it a thousand percent.” He told her.

She is grateful to the restaurant for taking a chance on her son, and she knows that he will make them proud. It may have taken longer than expected, but as she says, “God is right on time.”

Her heartfelt post of hope and thankfulness went viral as more and more families could relate to the struggle she faced everyday. Knowing that her son would make a great employee but waiting for someone to give him a chance was incredibly hard, but in the end, it was worth the wait.

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