No One Was Helping This Veteran In The Grocery Store. When She Asked His Story, She Started To CRY

Meggie Marie was shopping with her mother – grocery shopping is so much more bearable with someone else! – and was helping her in the check-out line. Normally, grocery shopping is a chore…but something was different about this particular trip. They didn’t realize how different it was going to be until they met a man who used to be a Marine.

He was wearing a cap, and the two women thanked him for his service when he smiled and said ‘hello,’ but instead of moving on, Meggie’s mother invited him to stand in line with them. He had been looking into his own basket and upset about something, but continued to talk to them regardless.11-15a11He had served in Vietnam, he was 68 years old, and he was having a hard time.

He told us he was a drill sergeant in the Marines and ‘kept those boys in line’ and how he was a part of rescuing Senator McCain.” Meggie writes. ”

When he finally realized mom was going to pay for everything he started to cry which made me start crying so I had to turn away. He was so grateful.

When we left he hugged us both, thanked us for our kindness and for God sending us his way.”

People were walking right by him, but Meggie wants their story to be shared because she has an important message. Even if it’s just a simple “thank you for your service,” acknowledging and caring about the veterans that helped to make the country what it is? It’s important. This man shouldn’t have been overlooked for so long, she says, and hopes that more people will be inspired by her story.


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