No One Wanted This “Seal Cat,” But One Woman Saves Him When She Sees His History

This grumpy looking cat had been passed over for adoption, year after year, and the shelter was beginning to lose hope.

Otitis, the 9-year-old cat, was deaf. He had lost his ears to large cysts that had formed when his previous owner hadn’t been able to afford treatment. The rescue that took him in couldn’t save his ears or his hearing, but they did manage to save his life.

But caring for an elderly cat with special needs was too much for most people to cope with…until a student named Molly saw his picture and knew that he was the cat for her.
After a car accident, Molly had begun to suffer from severe anxiety and it was beginning to impact her life. She decided to adopt an animal to help her with her anxiety.

Nothing helped me more than snuggling some furry friends,” she said.

She submitted an application to meet and adopt Otitis, and it turned out that she was the first person to ever submit one.
Otitis spend his first few months following his new owner like a shadow, excited to have someone to play with. While he couldn’t hear, he could play and never seemed to run out of energy. He loved to cuddle, climb, and rarely left Molly’s side. She was able to manager her anxiety with the help of her new cat, and he found a loving home.

It was more than they had both hoped for.

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