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No One Wanted This Dog For The Saddest Reason, But She Didn’t Shy Away! | HappyTango

No One Wanted This Dog For The Saddest Reason, But She Didn’t Shy Away!

2017 didn’t get off to a great start for Melani Andrews. Just one month after her husband passed away, their family dog followed. She was heartbroken but knew that she needed to find some way to move on. Determined to make a difference, she marched into the Front Street Animal Shelter and asked for their oldest dog; preferably, the one that no one wanted to care for.

It turns out that their oldest dog was a 12-year-old stray who was suffering from terminal cancer. His teeth were rotted, his skin was raw, and he scarcely eat without help. Little Jake had come to their shelter a few months prior, and it was quickly made clear that no one would take on the challenge.

Andrews knew that they would get along perfectly.

Jake instantly took to his new home and is happier than ever! Andrews focuses on giving Jake the best life that she can with the time he has left. She pours chicken stock onto his kibble to make it soft enough to chew. She warms his water to make sure it won’t shock his teeth by being too cold. She even bathes him in baths with added coconut oil to help soothe his skin!

She isn’t sure how much time he has left, but she is determined to fill it with as much love and affection as she possibly can!

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