No One Wanted This Dog Because His Face Looked REALLY Different

Picasso, the young dog with the ironic name, was surrendered to a shelter when his owner, a dog breeder, knew that no one would want him. The puppy was completely healthy, but his unique facial abnormality was keeping people at bay. Dropped off at the Porterville Animal Shelter, he quickly ended up on the euthanasia list due to his features. He was just too abnormal for people to consider adopting……but they were so wrong! Liesl Wilhardt, the executive director at Luvable Dog Rescue, a rescue that specializes in special needs dogs, happened to ask if the shelter had any dogs that might need some extra love. She saw a picture of Picasso and his brother, Pablo, and instantly fell in love! She knew that there would be people looking to take them in and saved them from euthanasia!

The word quickly spread about Picasso’s lovable snout, and the rescue has received multiple adoption offers already! These dogs deserve a loving home, and now, thanks to the kindness of strangers, these pups will have a forever home soon enough!

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