No One Wanted This Cat With No Ears…But She Couldn’t Say ‘No’ When She Saw Him!

When a cat has suffered neglect, rescue volunteers and vets are forced to make some tough decisions. Otis, a 10-year-old cat, had cysts on and around his ears, and a veterinarian had to surgically remove the cat’s ears in order to save his life. As a result, Otis was deaf, and he was spending long days at the shelter, hoping that someone would come along and save him.
11-11a2Otis had a lot of love to give but people were not fond of his disability, his old age, or his missing ears. That is, until Otis met Molly.

Molly was looking for a way to cope with her anxiety, a powerful side effect from surviving a car accident, and decided to take a trip to her local animal shelter. When she met Otis, she just knew.

11-11a3Otis somehow knew just what Molly needed. He was there to cuddle and soothe her during panic attacks and calm her nerves when she needed it the most. He wasn’t trained to be a therapy cat, but his calm and loving demeanor has led to a close bond between himself and his new human.

He is sometimes the only thing that can calm me down at times. He’s the best thing I ever did and he definitely rescued me; I didn’t rescue him.” She said.

As soon as the pair came home from the shelter, Otis just knew that this would be his home for the rest of his life, and was content to share every moment with Molly.


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