No One Believed What The Cat Was Doing Until She Caught Her In The Act!

Comedian, Brett Druck, never believed his girlfriend when she blamed things on their cat, Misha. Items from the kitchen would spontaneously go missing, end up in the most random places, or turn up after being missing for a suspicious amount of time. After waking up with a straw poking him in the back in their bed, he jokingly accused her of being a “bird person” by hoarding things to “make a nest.”

Annoyed that he kept blaming her for the items being scattered around the house, she paid close attention to their cat and was finally ready when she caught the miscievous kitty in action.  She watched their cat shamelessly dig through the kitchen and nab a pack of straws to take back to the bedroom while she was busy folding and putting away laundry.

Misha looked up, excited to show her human how good she was at “hunting.”

She sent the pictures to her boyfriend to prove him wrong and hopefully end the teasing about being a “bird person.”
The outrageous story really resonated with other animal owners who had been through similar incidents!

For some reason, animals love to squirrel away certain items for “safe keeping,” from hair ties to old socks, you never know what you’ll find where! Too cute!

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