These People Prove In A Beautiful Way That Love Has No Labels

Forget about age, gender, sex, or religion — “love has no labels”.

That’s the catchy and clever campaign the Ad Council has recently started. It shows skeletons hug, kiss, and dance on a giant x-ray screen in front of of a cheering crowd. The brilliant effort aims to let every human being in this world know that love runs deeper in our skin.

Behind the skeletons are actually kids, adults, and couples from all walks of life who took time to show their love for one another. Their deep affection and unbiased love can be deeply move anyone. Truly, the motivation coming from them is what we need in these trying times.

As the group says in its website, many people in the United States still report feeling discriminated against. The reason might be implicit biases. We should all educate ourselves and be mindful when such biases arise. A good way to start is by watching and sharing this heartwarming video.

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