No, It’s Not A Painting! This Is A REAL Cave In New Zealand…And It Doubles As A Floating River!

Waitomo’s Ruakuri Cave is a wonderous place, and it looks just like a dream come to life! This limestone cave is the home to thousands of little glow worms that just love to live in dank, warm, wet places. These creatures are incredible – at least that’s what Shaun Jeffers thought when he decided to photograph their mysterious pulsing glow…and the results are absolutely magical!The teeny twinkling lights aren’t lights at all! The larvae are glowing from their perches to attract a meal. The glittering lines are sticky, and when their prey flies too close, they become ensnared! A tasty treat for these beautiful beasts!Nearly all of the larvae’s energy is transformed into this glow. The bioluminesence occurs in different organs depending on which family the larvae is from. Some larvae glow more green than blue, and some have a tinge of red near their heads. As adults, they will turn into a more yellowish glow.  But for now, we can appreciate this unique hue that makes for a stunning journey through the underground lake.The glow worm snares hang low, hoping to attract a delicious meal, and reflect the ligh radiating off of the larvae above. It appears to be some sort of ethereal “rain,” but that just makes it all the more magical.Grab a tube and hit the water under this twinkling, mesmerizing “sky!” I think this journey just made it onto my bucket list!Would you ever want to visit this fantastical cave? These pictures are incredibly exciting! Look at all of those glow worms!

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