NICU Nurse Helps Preemies Celebrate Halloween With Hand-Knit Costumes

After caring for the premature infants during her 12-hour shifts, Katie Windsor goes home to create unique costumes for the babies in her care. She works in the Level III NICU, where some of the most critical premature infants are cared for around the clock.

I feed them and give them meds and change diapers…I just think it’s something I can do for the parents that are having to go home and leave half their heart here,” Windsor said.

She has crocheted multiple costumes, consisting of capes and masks of various super heroes to lay on top of their tiny bodies.
10-28a7Seeing their babies, who are fighting minute-by-minute to grow and live, suddenly transformed into super heroes and celebrating a holiday helps parents to feel a connection with their children.10-28a8The infants spend most of their time in warming cribs, hooked up to machines that help them breathe and tubes that administer medications. Parents aren’t able to take their children home, but seeing them dressed up almost makes the babies “more real,” as some have said after seeing the images.10-28a9It helps parents imagine their babies happy, healthy, and out of a hospital setting, where all of the pictures had been previously. 10-28a10Windsor knows how much it means for parents to receive the pictures and doesn’t mind spending the time and money to create the happy illusions. 10-28a11If, even just for a moment, it brings a parent even the smallest amount of peace, it was worth all of the effort. After spending months in the NICU, hopefully these babies will be well enough to travel home for the first time. Thanks to one sweet nurse, they won’t have missed a single holiday!


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