“Next Door Grandpa” Throws Pizza Party For Everyone On The Block

At 95 years of age, Earl likes to stay in touch with the people around him as often as possible. His wife passed away a while ago, his children have moved away, and his grandchildren are all grown up…but he never gave up making friends! He cares for the people who live around him and makes an effort to get to know them.

Brianne W. and her husband, Andrew, know how sweet Earl can be. They go out to dinner together and treat him like their “next door grandpa,” keeping in touch and helping out when he needs it.

One night, Earl decided to throw a pizza party for everyone on the block…and they all showed up!

I’ve never had a better neighbor. I hope to be half as giving, caring and amazing as him in my lifetime.” She wrote.

She wanted to share the story to encourage others to reach out to their own “next door grandparents.” While their children and grandchildren might visit once a year, some find themselves alone, left behind to live the rest of their lives without much to do.

Reach out, check on them, maybe even bring them some dinner or snacks! As many comments have pointed out…one day, you may be the “next door grandparent.”

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