News Station Reports On Duck That Loves Kayaks. Locals Respond With Selfies!

York, Pennsylvania is gaining a lot of interest this week all because of one friendly, adventurous duck. Lake Williams boasts a personal “duck guide” that enjoys hitching rides on kayaks as people spend their days paddling about on the lake. But people had already had many encounters with the duck and decided to share their selfies with the station instead! 8.16a8The duck is summering on the lake, enjoying lazy summer days and balmy summer nights with the people who enjoy passing the time paddling in their kayaks with family and friends. They had been taking selfies with the duck for weeks and were excited to share the pictures with a larger audience.8.16a4The duck will consistently swim alongside a kayak, accompanying someone all day if he feels like it. So, how does he make it onto the kayak? He glides up directly behind the moving water craft…and hops up, flapping his wins to lift himself onto the back of the kayak! He will fluff his feathers, quack, walk a few steps, but ultimately he’s just enjoying the ride!
8.16a5Some people were confused at the duck’s persistence. He didn’t want to leave his convenient and comfortable ride, causing many kayakers to take perplexed snapshots with the silly duck. 8.16a6Some people are skeptical and believe that the duck was someone’s pet that got “dumped” at the lake. Others believe that this duck is visiting from a nearby farm. Whatever the case, this duck is adorable!

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